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Special Event: One-day Workshop "Hopkins' Audiences" (4/4/2014)

A One-day Workshop
Research Beehive, Old Library Building, Newcastle University
April 4, 2014
9am – 5:30pm
Hopkins' Audiences 
“I cannot think of altering anything”, Hopkins told Robert Bridges of The Wreck of the Deutschland, “Why shd. I? I do not write for the public. You are my public and I hope to convert you.” This one-day workshop, held in celebration of the new Oxford Collected Works edition of Hopkins’ correspondence, will debate how Hopkins’ notion of his public—both real and imagined—informs the nature of his writing and reception. For whom did Hopkins write? What are his poetry’s modes of address? How did regard or disregard for the expectations of audience shape his work? What relation has it to the difficulty of his poetry?
The structure of the day will be informal, combining papers, panels, and open discussion.
Organisers: Martin Dubois and R.K.R. Thornton
Supported by: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Newcastle University
Oxford University Press

For more information visit: http://hopkinsaudiences.wordpress.com/

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