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Special Seminars: NAVSA 2013 (8/23-27/2013)

The Pasadena Conference co-chairs would like to invite any of you who are not already presenting a paper at NAVSA 2013 to sign up for one of the Special Seminars taking place during the conference. In Special Seminars, participants pre-circulate five-page position papers for discussion led by an expert in the topic.  All seminar participants’ names will be listed in the conference program.  Registration is limited to 15 participants per seminar.
There are four Special Seminars:
  • “Victorian Media” with Elizabeth Miller (English, UC Davis)
  • “Fictionalism in Victorian and Edwardian Culture” with Michael Saler (History, UC Davis)
  • “Science and Religion” with George Levine (English, Rutgers University)
  • “Uncovering Victorian Bodies” with Paul Deslandes (History, University of Vermont)
  • Currently, there are just a few spots left in “Victorian Media” and “Fictionalism in Victorian and Edwardian Culture” (the others are already full).  

If you are interested in participating, please visit the NAVSA 2013 website for more information: http://dornsife.usc.edu/conferences/navsa/seminars/

Or email NAVSA2013@gmail.com to register for a seminar.

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