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The Autobiography and Letters of Mrs M O W Oliphant

Editor: Linda H. Petersonin The Selected Works of Margaret Oliphant, ed. Joanne Shattock and Elisabeth Jay. Pickering & Chatto, 2012.
This new scholarly edition reproduces the original 1899 Autobiography and Letters of Mrs M O W Oliphant, together with entries from her personal diaries for 1887, 1888 and 1896. It includes annotations of the full text, as well as textual variants from the original manuscript and for the second and third editions. The volume is part of a large editorial project on Oliphant’s works. Part I, “Literary Criticism and Literary History,” includes four volumes: Literary Criticism, 1854–69; Literary Criticism, 1870–76; Literary Criticism, 1877–86; and The Victorian Age of English Literature. In addition to the Autobiography, Part II, “Literary Criticism, Autobiography, Biography and Historical Writing,” includes Literary Criticism, 1887–97; Writings on Biography (2 vols.); and Historical Writing. For future volumes, see

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