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Sanitary Reform in Victorian Britain, Part 1

Michelle Allen-Emerson, Christopher Hamlin, Tina Young Choi (Volume Editors)
Sanitary reform was one of the great debates of the nineteenth century. This six volume edition, published in two parts, makes available for the first time a modern, edited collection of rare nineteenth-century documents specifically addressing sanitary reform. The collection includes material on Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Dublin, and London, giving a nationwide perspective on the conditions of British urban life. Moreover, it covers the diverse range of projects pursued in the name of urban sanitation, including burial reform, sewerage, water supply, public baths, housing, and inspection. The material on these and other initiatives reflects the views of the many interest groups involved, from medicine and engineering to philanthropy, politics, and the Church. This unique resource is an invaluable tool for researchers of the History of Science and Medicine and Victorian Studies.

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