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Conference Schedule: The Moment of British Women’s History (2/8-9/2013)

The Moment of British Women’s History:
Memories, Celebrations, Assessments, Critiques
Columbia University  Room 1501, International Affairs Bldg.
8-9 February 2013
“The Moment of British Women's History” will be held at Columbia University, in the Kellogg Center, International Affairs Building, on February 8-9, 2013. The conference revisits the early paradigms and institutions that propelled the field in the 1970s, and the process of change and institutionalization since that time.  Some 30 speakers are coming, including a dozen or so from the UK.  The conference was organized by the historians Christopher L. Brown and Susan Pedersen (and by me). The conference is free and open to the public, although participants may want to reserve a seat by contacting Jonah Cardillo (jgc92@columbia.edu).

Conference program: http://heymancenter.org/events/the-moment-of-british-womens-history/

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