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Reminder: INCS Annual Essay Prize (1/10/2013)

Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies invites nominations for its annual essay prize. The $500 award recognizes excellence in interdisciplinary scholarship on any nineteenth-century topic. We encourage members of INCS to nominate an essay written by a current member of INCS or to submit their own work. Articles published in a journal or an edited collection dated 2012 are eligible. The winning essay will be announced at the 2013 conference, to be held at the University of Virginia, March 14-17, 2013.  The winner is invited to put together a panel for the 2014 INCS Conference. 

Please send an electronic copy of the nominated essay to Professor Sharon Aronofsky Weltman (LSU) at incsprize2012@gmail.com no later than January 10, 2013. For more details about the essay competition, the conference, or the organization, we invite you to visit the INCS website at http://www.nd.edu/~incshp/

Frequently Asked Questions about eligibility for this prize:  
1)  Are unpublished essays eligible?  
2)  Are essays appearing in 2012 in a journal that is behind schedule, so that they have an earlier date, eligible?  
Yes, if it is demonstrable that the journal is behind in its publication schedule and the essay actually appeared in the year 2012, it is eligible even if the date on the publication is earlier than 2012.  If this is your situation, be sure to contact me at incsprize2012@gmail.com to explain.
3)  Are essays published in early 2013 eligible?
No, only essays appearing in 2012 are eligible for this year's competition.  Essays published in early 2013 will be eligible next year.
4)  Are online publications eligible?
Yes,  essays from peer-reviewed online scholarly journals are eligible.
5)  Are individual chapters from a single-authored book eligible?
No, only stand-alone essays from a scholarly journal or essay collection are eligible.
If you have questions about the prize competition that are not answered here, please feel free to email Sharon Aronofsky Weltman at incsprize2012@gmail.com.

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