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Reminder: Essay Collection on Thomas Hardy’s Short Stories (9/7/2012)

Hardy’s short stories have had little attention as compared to his novels and poetry. Therefore, I am organizing a volume of previously unpublished essays and seek articles of 6,000 to 8,000 words on any aspect of Hardy’s short stories which help deepen our understanding of his use of the genre. Proposals may address a story individually or the stories as collected in the volumes Wessex Tales(1888), A Group of Noble Dames(1891), Life’s Little Ironies (1894), A Changed Man (1913).
Key themes and topics might include:
Implications of periodical publication;
Readership of individual stories and/or collected stories;
Use of sensationalism;
Use of humor;
Emphasis on class and cultural issues;
Importance of music;
Gender relations;
Use of setting;
Use of supernatural, mystery, mythical aspects;
Use of religion;
Emphasis on community relations and mores;
Use of narrative form
Please send proposals of up to 500 words, for articles of between 6,000-8,000 words, by 7 September 2012 to Juliette B. Schaefer: schaefej@ohiodominican.edu Ohio Dominican University (614) 251-4667. Proposals should include the article’s working title, the author’s academic affiliation, and a 100-word biography.
Inquiries are welcome. I will aim to inform authors that they have been selected for the volume by the second week of October. 

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