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Call for Bloggers: Journal of Victorian Culture Online: Bloggers' Fair (4-5/2012)

At the Journal of Victorian Culture online, we’ve decided to showcase blogs written by Victorianists on any area of nineteenth-century studies. If you are a blogger, you can contribute by sending a short description of your blog and yourself to Lucie at l.m.matthew-jones@ljmu.ac.uk throughout April and May. You can also send images (as jpegs) as well as a hyperlink to your blog. We would also like you to think of key terms or tags that we could use to link your blog with others. We plan to showcase one blog a day throughout May on our website which will be announced on Twitter and Facebook. If you have a Twitter account please let us know your username and then we can link you into the thread. If you have any questions, please contact Lucie on the email address above.

Journal of Victorian Culture Onlinehttp://myblogs.informa.com/jvc/

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