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Reminder: Dickens’s World (3/7-8/2012)

Coinciding with Dickens’ birth, we are pleased to announce the speakers for our online conference ‘Dickens’ World’ taking place next month. Register now at: http://dickensworld.wordpress.com/  
Video lectures will be presented by:

  • David Paroissien: Looking Back and Looking Forward: Shifting Perspectives in Dickens's Fiction
  • John Bowen: Beginning the World
  • Anne Stiles: Topic to be confirmed

 This unique online event, which is free for all, will celebrate the life and work of Charles Dickens.
Additional features include:

  • Free scholarly papers with discussion forum for each
  • Reading Room with free articles and book chapters from Wiley-Blackwell

 Join an international group of scholars to discuss the work of one of the world's most important authors. The emphasis is on illustrating the many ways in which Dickens influenced, and was influenced by, his contact with other countries. More broadly, we hope the conference will encourage online discussion about the social, cultural and technological milieu in which (and of which) Dickens wrote. Log on to the discussion whenever it suits your schedule, everyone is welcome to participate!
Register for free now at http://dickensworld.wordpress.com/
We want to hear from you! If you're a Dickens enthusiast we would love to hear what Dickens means to you. Why not submit a short video address which may be featured in the conference? Find out more at http://dickensworld.wordpress.com/video-address-invitation/

We look forward to seeing you there!

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