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To submit items for Of Victorian Interest or Member Publications, please email felluga@purdue.edu

Extended Deadline: G. B. Shaw: Back in Town (2/24/2012; 5/29-6/1/2012)

The deadline for sending an abstract to bernardshawindublin@gmail.com has been extended to February 24th, 2012.  Please send the abstract along with a c.v. and a brief letter of introduction.

This conference is focused on Shaw’s return to Dublin, so to speak, to revisit his Irish identity, and papers discussing his Irish qualities, interrelationships with other Irish, and contributions to Ireland would be welcomed, along with testimony to his stature in and influence on world drama, and other topics as well.
Papers (maximum of twenty minutes per talk) may be written from any critical perspective. Abstracts of approximately 300 words should be submitted to bernardshawindublin@gmail.com for consideration, along with a c.v and brief letter of introduction.
If you'd like to apply for an ISS travel grant, see the instructions at http://www.shawsociety.org/ISS-Travel-Grants.htm and send your application to "Leonard Conolly" <lconolly@trentu.ca> and Richard Dietrich <dietrich@usf.edu> .

Conference details can be found at http://bernardshawindublin.yolasite.com
and http://www.shawsociety.org/UCD-Shaw-Conference-2012.htm .

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