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SHARP Call for Reviewers: Digital Projects

The SHARP (Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing) newsletter has been running a regular feature review of digital projects (subscription & open access). At this point, we're looking for reviewers and projects to be reviewed. We've amassed a queue of projects below. Also below are the deadlines.

Potential Projects to be Reviewed:

  • The Vault at Pfaff's
  • Salani Project
  • 19th-Century American Children's Book Trade Directory
  • America's Historical Imprints
  • America's Historical NewsPapers
  • ARTFl
  • London Lives: 1690-1800
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin & American Culture
  • Waterloo Directory of Periodicals

Winter (Nov 1 deadline)
Spring (Feb 1 deadline)
Summer (May 1 deadline)

If interested, please choose a project from above or suggest one outside the list and contact Dr. Katherine D. Harris at katherine.harris@sjsu.edu. The only caveat is that it can't be a project that you've worked on yourself. Please also choose a deadline. Dr. Harris will send further information (style sheets, etc).

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