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M/MLA 2012: proposed session on Bernard Shaw (3/1/2012; 11/8-11/2012)

"Bernard Shaw and Debt Sealings"
proposed session of the 
2012 Midwest Modern Language Association Convention
November 8-11, 2012
Cincinnati, Ohio

The proposed session seeks papers on Shaw's writings that dovetail with the conference theme of "Debt." Possible topics could include:

  • representations of borrowers and lenders, borrowing and lending, in Shaw's plays
  • debts Shaw and/or his plays owe to other thinkers, writers, and/or political figures
  • Shavian debts accrued by contemporary plays, playwrights, and/or theorists

Please send 300-500 word abstracts via electronic attachment to Christopher Wixson at cmwixson@eiu.edu by March 1st, 2012.

Selected presenters will be informed by May 1st, 2012 and must register for the conference by July 1, 2012. More information on the proposed session can be found at http://www.shawsociety.org/Shaw-at-MMLA-2012.htm. More information on the MMLA and the 2012 conference can be found at www.luc.edu/mmla.

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