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Call for Guest Editors: Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies summer 2012 issue (1/27/2012)

We are currently looking for guest editors for the summer 2012 issue of Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies (www.ncgsjournal.com). This past summer Lizzie Harris McCormick and Cecile Kandl put together an issue on "Women Write the Natural World."  Previous summer issues include "Nineteenth-Century Feminisms: Press & Platform," edited by Susan Hamilton and Janice Schroeder, and "Gender, the Professions, and the Press," edited by Andrew King and Marysa Demoor.  All past issues of the journal can be found on our website.

If interested, please submit a brief proposal (no more than a couple of pages) to both melissa.purdue@mnsu.edu andsefloyd@stritch.edu by January 27th.

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