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Symposium "Mediamorphosis: Print Culture and Transatlantic Public Sphere(s), 1880-1940" (9/9-10/2011)

Mediamorphosis:  Print Culture and Transatlantic Public Sphere(s), 1880-1940
University of Delaware, September 9-10, 2011

This two–day symposium will provide a forum for literary scholars, historians, media historians, and art historians to share works–in–progress on the transformations of print media and transatlantic public spheres at the turn of the twentieth century. The symposium will:

  • advance understanding of print culture's role in this period's movements for racial, class, and gender equality and of the relationship between print culture, empire, and cross-cultural (transatlantic, transnational) writing, reading, and publishing;
  • bring the theories and methods of material culture studies to bear on the analysis of print artifacts as "objects" or "things."

On view on Friday, September 9, will be "Periodicals Across the Pond," a special display drawn from the University of Delaware Library's Special Collections and from the Mark Samuels Lasner Collection, on loan to the University of Delaware Library.

Hosted by the College of Arts and Sciences’ Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Center, this symposium is also supported by:  the Center for Material Culture Studies, the Departments of Black American Studies, English, and Women’s Studies, the University of Delaware Library, the Institute for Global Studies, the University Faculty Senate Committee on Cultural Activities and Public Events (CAPE), and the Delaware Humanities Forum.

Registration is free.

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