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CFP, Reminder: Steaming into a Victorian Future: A Steampunk Anthology (8/15/2011)

We are seeking contributors for a collection of critical essays on Steampunk. Steampunk remains an elusive topic even among its admirers and practitioners, but at its heart, it re-imagines the Victorian age (both in the future and the past), and re-works its technology, fashion, and values with a dose of anti-modernism. From sci-fi and fantasy to websites catering to a steampunk lifestyle, this multi-faceted genre demands greater scholarly analysis.

The editors of this anthology seek contributions in the following suggested subject areas (but we are not limited to these):

  • Steampunk Film Steampunk Literature (romance; historical fiction/sci fi, etc
  • Steampunk History Steampunk Fashion/dress history
  • Steampunk Technology Steampunk Fandom/fan culture
  • Steampunk Art & Design Steampunk as Culture/Lifestyle
  • Gender, Race, Class and Steampunk Critiques of existing analyses of s.p.

Submission Guidelines: Send a 1000 word abstract in Microsoft Word by email attachment on or before August 15, 2011; include a brief biography or vita. International submissions are welcomed and encouraged.

Abstracts chosen for inclusion in the anthology will be considered “conditional acceptances” – the editors will secure the submission in the volume, but the editors reserve the right to reject any full essay that does not meet the standards (of style/content, etc) agreed to between the editors and authors. Endnotes are mandatory; illustrations are encouraged and must be secured (along with permissions)by the author and submitted with the final draft.

Dr. Julie Anne Taddeo
History Dept., University of Maryland
Email: taddeo@mail.umd.edu

Dr. Cynthia Miller
Institute for Liberal Arts, Emerson
Email: cynthia_miller@emerson.edu

Dr. Ken Dvorak
Northern New Mexico College
email: krdvorak@gmail.com

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