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2011 BAVS Conference: Postgraduate and Post-doctoral Bursaries (6/16/2011)

BAVS is pleased to announce the details for BAVS Postgraduate and Post-doctoral Conference Bursaries for the 2011 Conference:

BAVS offers up to 12 bursaries worth £150 each to help post-graduate students or post-doctoral scholars who are either UK-based or members of BAVS to meet the costs of attending the annual conference at the University of Birmingham in 2011. There are usually 2 bursaries for observers who will report on the conference for the BAVS newsletter, and around 10 bursaries for postgraduate or post-doctoral paper presenters whose papers have been accepted for the Conference.

Post-doctoral bursaries are available to those who have recently submitted doctoral theses, but do not hold an academic post. Observer’s bursaries are open to all postgraduate or post-doctoral students including those who are not giving a paper.

Application is via letter, brief CV of no more than 2 pages, and (for paper presenters) the title of your conference paper abstract. Applications are assessed by a panel that includes member(s) of the BAVS Executive Committee and member(s) of the conference organising committee.

If you want to be an observer, your letter of application should say what interests you about the conference and what makes you a suitable observer. If you want to apply as a paper presenter, your letter of application should explain how your paper relates to your research and to the conference theme, and why attendance at the conference will be of benefit to you. The criteria for selection are the relevance of your proposal to the conference theme, the originality of your ideas, the presentation of your argument, and the benefits likely from your attendance at the conference.

Bursary-holders will be expected to pay all registration and other fees for the conference in advance, and will receive their bursary cheques at the conference.

Applicants should send their applications electronically to the 2011 Conference organising committee at:  bavs2011@gmail.com

The deadline for applications is 16th June 2011.

Preference will be given to those who have not previously held a BAVS conference bursary. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of the competition by the end of June 2011.

BAVS: http://www.bavsuk.org/index.htm

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