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Literature and Mathematics in the Long Nineteenth Century (5/16-18/2011)

Registration Open:
A colloquium on 'Literature and Mathematics in the Long Nineteenth Century' will be held at the University of Glasgow, 16-18 May 2011.  All are very welcome to attend.  The programme and registration information are available at www.englit.arts.gla.ac.uk/conference/.  Papers will include:

  • Marilyn Gaull: ‘Euclid Alone’
  • Nigel Leask:‘‘Snatched from the Sickle and the Plough, To Gauge Ale-Firkins’: Robert Burns and the Excise’
  • Daniel Brown:‘James Joseph Sylvester: The Romance of Space and the Calculus of Forms’
  • Matthew Wickman: ‘Scott’s Shapes’
  • Rachel Feder:‘Romantic Infinity: The Calculus & The Sublime’
  • Melanie Bayley:‘Flatland, Darwin, and the Struggle for Persistence’
  • Mark Blacklock:‘“Seeing as a Higher Child”: Hinton's Cubes and their Cultural Afterlives’
  • Jason Hall: ‘Metre, Mathematics and the Fantasy of Accurate Measurement’
  • Jonathan Farina:‘Calculation and Literary Interpretation’
  • Elizabeth Throesch: Title TBA.
  • Laurence Davies: ‘How to See the Fourth Dimension: Puzzles and Speculations’
  • Alex Craik:‘Lord Kelvin's Popular Lectures and Addresses’
  • Maggie Gover:‘Geometrically Inclined: Nineteenth-Century Optics and the War Between Mathematics and Experimentation’
  • Michelle Boswell:‘The Poetical Mathematics and Mathematical Poetics of James Clerk Maxwell’
  • Mark McCartney: ‘A Mind Running Slow and Clear: The Poetry of James Clerk Maxwell’
  • Alice Jenkins: ‘Was There a ‘Common Context’ for Literature and Mathematics in English Periodicals?’
  • Gabriela Fernandes Barberis:‘Spanish Contributions to Mathematical Literature and European Literary Influences’
  • Joetta Harty:‘Empire of the Sums: The Power of Mathematics in Kim and Peter Pan’
  • Nina Engelhardt:‘The Imaginary Domain as Transition Zone: Mathematics, Language and Reality in Musil's “The Confusions of Young Törless”’

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