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CFP: 2011 Trollope Prize, now in partnership with The Fortnightly Review (6/1/2011)

New Partnership with The Fortnightly Review
The Trollope Prize at the University of Kansas is pleased to announce a new partnership with The Fortnightly Review.  The Fortnightly Review, an on-line version of the magazine begun by Anthony Trollope in 1865, will publish the winning graduate essay and will add a modest honorarium to the graduate award.

The Fortnightly Review has a storied history and was one of the most influential English-language periodicals of the nineteenth-century.  The brainchild of Anthony Trollope, who was inspired by Matthew Arnold’s call for “a current of true and fresh ideas” in his 1864 lecture on “The Function of Criticism,” The Fortnightly Review launched on May 15, 1865 under the
editorship of George Henry Lewes.  The new on-line series of The Fortnightly Review, edited by Anthony O’Hear and Denis Boyles, publishes articles on art and literature, philosophy and culture, informed by an awareness of the Fortnightly’s archived content.

The Trollope Prize

The Fortnightly Review is a natural place to publish the winning graduate essay of the annual Trollope Prize.  The Trollope Prize is awarded annually to the best undergraduate and graduate essays in English on the works of Anthony Trollope. The Prize is designed to help promote the study of Trollope in college classrooms and to encourage student engagement with both Trollope's work and Victorian literary history through their own intensive
research and writing.  Submissions for the prize are accepted from around the world.  The deadline is June 1, 2011. Winners will be announced in August 2011.

Essays are invited on the topic of "Trollope and His World." Submissions may include essays focusing exclusively on the works of Anthony Trollope; comparative essays on Trollope and other writers; essays examining Trollope's work and career in the larger context of Victorian history, culture and society; historical or literary essays on topics central to Trollope's work and illuminated by his work; or essays on the reception of Trollope's work or on his larger cultural influence.

Beginning in 2011, two prizes will be awarded: one to an essay written by an undergraduate student and one to an essay written by a graduate student. The writers of the winning undergraduate essay will receive a $1,000 award and a hardcover copy of a Trollope novel. The winning undergraduate student's faculty adviser will also receive a $500 award to help support the continued development of curriculum focusing on Trollope's works.

The graduate winner will receive a $2,000 award and a hardcover copy of a Trollope novel.  In addition, the winning graduate essay will be published in The Fortnightly Review and the winner will receive a modest additional honorarium from the publication.

Visit trollopeprize.ku.edu for more information about the Trollope Prize, including submission criteria and guidelines.  Visit fortnightlyreview.co.uk for more information about The Fortnightly Review.

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