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JVC Online: Editorial Assistant(s) and Postgraduate Publication Opportunities (5/31/2011)

Journal of Victorian Culture
Editorial Assistant(s) and Postgraduate Publication Opportunities

The Editorial Board of the Journal of Victorian Culture (JVC) is pleased to invite applications from doctoral or recent postdoctoral researchers in the field of Victorian Studies for the position of Editorial Assistant(s) to the JVC Online.

The Editorial Assistants will play a significant role in editing and developing content for the newly-launched JVC Online, which provides a stimulating forum for news, reviews, and short articles complementing our highly-regarded journal issues. The successful candidate(s) will receive a stipend of £1000 p.a. over the course of the year and be expected to show initiative in content generation and site development in addition to gaining valuable experience of more conventional academic editorial and publication practices. Specific tasks will include ensuring the regular updating of our conference, events, and resources pages; contributing to our discussion forum; raising the profile and developing the interactivity of the site through bookmarking and social networking.

An important element of JVC Online is our "Victorians Beyond the Academy" series of review essays and posts, responding to the presence of all things Victorian outside conventional academic study. As part of the selection process for this post, we are soliciting posts and contributions to "Victorians Beyond the Academy." Interested applicants are invited to contribute one or more posts (reviews, meditations, position pieces etc) demonstrating their engagement with the wider cultural sphere of Victorian studies over the coming months prior to the application deadline of 31 May, 2011.

We are seeking relatively brief and timely pieces addressing the presence of all things Victorian in contemporary culture: applicants may wish to read recent contributions by Val Purton, Julie-Marie Strange, and Kathryn Hughes to "Victorians Beyond the Academy" for an indication of the material we seek. Applicants should contact Lisa Hager (lisa.hager@uwc.edu) to have a contributor account set up for JVC Online so to begin posting.

Applicants for the position of Editorial Assistant should send a CV/resume and cover letter, outlining their experience and suitability for the position of Editorial Assistant, via email to our Online Editor, Lisa Hager (lisa.hager@uwc.edu). The cover letter should include links to and a brief outline of the candidate’s posts to JVC Online's "Victorians Beyond the Academy." The successful applicant(s) for the position of Editorial Assistant will be expected to work closely with the Journal's Editors, Helen Rogers and Joseph Bristow in addition to Online Editor Lisa Hager and Assistant Editor Ruth Livesey.

Please direct all enquiries relating to this position in the first instance to Lisa Hager (lisa.hager@uwc.edu).

The closing date for applications is 31 May, 2011.
JVC Online: http://myblogs.informa.com/jvc/

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