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CFP: Dickens Society 2012 MLA Panels (3/10, 3/15/2011; 1/5-8/2012)

Dickens Society 2012 MLA Panels
2012 MLA Convention
Seattle, January 5-8

Dickensian Things
Dickens' world apparently bursts with things. This panel considers the nature of the Dickensian Thing and asks what we discover about the novel from Dickens' thing-filled authorship. Proposals are welcome on things and thing-ness in Dickensian characterization, plot, and narration. 300-word abstracts by March 15 to Claire Jarvis (cjarvis@stanford.edu).

Dickensian Beginnings
Disruptions and reoriginations of sequential narrative in Dickens's writings: e.g., birth, revolution, climactic events, coronations or regicide, new technologies. Please email a 300-word abstract and short CV by March 15 to Kate Brown (kebrown8@buffalo.edu).

France in Dickens
Creating and breaking stereotypes about French language, literature, culture, history, and taste (culinary and otherwise) in Dickens's writings. 300-word abstracts and short CV by March 10 to Rebecca Stern (stern2@mailbox.sc.edu). [Note: this panel is in partnership with the Division on Nineteenth-Century French Literature, which is also sponsoring a panel on Dickens in France].

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