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New issue of RaVON: Materiality and Memory, edited by Kate Flint

The editors are pleased to announce the publication of the most recent issue of RaVoN (Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net), a special issue on "Materiality and Memory" edited by Kate Flint:


The issue includes the following essays, all on Victorian topics:

Clare Pettitt (King's College, London): 'Peggotty's Work-Box: Victorian Souvenirs and Material Memory'

Kara Marler-Kennedy (Rice University): 'Immortelles: Literary, Botanical, and National Memories'

Kate Flint (Rutgers University): 'Photographic Memory'

Athena Vrettos (Case Western Reserve University): '"Little bags of remembrance": du Maurier's Peter Ibbetson and Victorian Theories of Ancestral Memory'

Megan Ward (Lawrence University): 'William Morris's Conditional Moment'

Catherine Robson (University of California, Davis): 'Memorization and Memorialization: "The Burial of Sir John Moore after Corunna"'

Adelene Buckland (Newnham College, Cambridge): ''Pictures in the Fire': the Dickensian Hearth and the Concept of History'

Jonathan Farina (Seton Hall University): 'Middlemarch and "that Sort of Thing"'

In addition, the issue includes a number of reviews that will be of interest to members of NAVSA: Joseph W. Childers on Sally Ledger's Dickens and the Popular Radical Imagination; Priti Joshi on Christopher Herbert's War of No Pity: The Indian Mutiny and Victorian Trauma; Rachel Ablow on Nicholas Dames' The Physiology of the Novel; Bryan Rasmussen on Anna Maria Jones' Problem Novels: Victorian Fiction Theorizes the Sensational Self; Patrick Brantlinger on Francis O'Gorman's Victorian Literature and Finance; Jim Hansen on Adrian S. Wisnicki's Conspiracy, Revolution, and Terrorism from Victorian Fiction to the Modern Novel; Timothy Carens on Deborah Epstein Nord's Gypsies and the British Imagination; Susan Zlotnick on Rebecca Stern's Home Economics: Domestic Fraud in Victorian England; John Plotz on Julia Prewitt Brown's The Bourgeois Interior: How the Middle Class Imagines Itself in Literature and Film; and Dennis Denisoff on recent editions of Oscar Wilde, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Joseph Conrad.

Anyone interested in submitting essays for peer review by and possible publication in RaVoN can find more information here:


Dino Franco Felluga
Victorian Editor, RaVoN

Lauren M. E. Goodlad
Victorian Review Editor

Michael Eberle-Sinatra
Romantic and Founding Editor

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